Glenn and Vicky are college sweethearts. He was raised in Gary, Indiana. She is a native of Wilmington, Delaware.  His Alma Mater is Delaware State University. Her Alma Maters are the College of Notre Dame Of Maryland and Wilmington University in Delaware.  They always dreamed of having the best in life. Having the best meant working hard. His career in marketing and advertisement and hers in school counseling and family services gave them the opportunity to achieve a  better quality of life. More importantly, they learned that having faith is the major key to moving forward successfully in the many arenas of life. 

For many years they worked hard in strategic positions helping other corporations make their profits. Finally, after job relocating from coast to coast the couple decided that the move from Cerritos, California to Baltimore, Maryland would be the final company move. Furthermore, In the early 80's during Glenn's Burger Corporation era he noted that families were eating more meals away from the home. They decided to go into the food business. The James children Sonja, Glenn Jr. and Maxine were the taste testers.

As a result in June 1980 Glenn and Victoria traded their attache cases for knives and forks and went into the food business.  The James family opened a dual operation. A fish market and seafood restaurant officially opened in Baltimore, Maryland. The fish market and the informal dining style catered to the folks in West Baltimore and in the surrounding areas as well.

Today people come from miles around to 1221 Bowers Street, Wilmington, Delaware. Enjoyed there are their most talked about deliciously hand dipped seafood, especially VICKY'S FRIED FISH. The home made crab cakes and hand dipped shrimp are still favorites today. The cooking techniques are a combination of Glenn's southern roots and Vicky's old family Delaware/Maryland recipes.  Two different culinary tastes have been combined to create a taste that is guaranteed to give ones mouth a treat that is Simply Delicious!

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