Vickys Seafood Fry Mix (12 OZS) $
This seafood Fry Mix is good on Fish, Shrimp, Vegetables-sliced egg plant, sliced onion rings etc

Vicky’s Maryland Style Crab Cakes


Made with fresh crab meat. These crab Cakes are a Delectable Delight. Crab cakes have a special blend of spices with a little filler just to hold them together. Just thaw and prepare: Spray oil on cookie sheet and Bake 375 degrees approximate 20 minutes. Sauté in Olivio Or your favorite  cooking oil until  heated through and golden brown approximately 5-10 minutes

*Crab Cakes Contain Dairy Products
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6 oz Fresh Crab Cakes (3 packages of 2) $35.00 Add to cart
3 oz Crab Balls (12/ per package) $35.00 Add to cart
1 oz Crab Balls (12/ per package) $21.00 Add to cart
1 oz Crab Balls (2 packs of 12) $35.00 Add to cart
12 oz Seafood Fry Mix (6/12oz package) $13.50 Add to cart
4 lbs Seafood Fry Mix (2 package)  $15.00 Add to cart

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