No Matter what ones profession is Continued Education is vitally important. Every day things change. There are many ways to keep in touch with  today’s cutting edge techniques. Reading books, tuning in to radio/TV. the web site, networking with cohorts, attending conferences that especially relate to ones field and more.

In June 2007 Glenn and Victoria James traveled to Michele Foods Inc. in Chicago, IL to participate in Michele Foods Recipe To Retail Workshop. Her successful syrup business was the model she used as an example of success. She has been on several Oprah Winfrey Shows in reference to her business. In addition, Michele has received numerous awards and been recognized as a top entrepreneur and role model for women across the nation.

Ms. Hoskins taught a myriad of entrepreneurial subjects in her Retail to Recipe workshop. Her variety of marketing strategies about how to market recipes in a retail environment benefit those who have a vision as well as seasoned entrepreneurs. More importantly, Michele Hoskins taught a class on how to take an established and successful seafood restaurant business to a retail store level.

                                                            MS. HOSKINS                                                      
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